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May 4, 2013
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Alois X Ciel
Another Story

Ciel was at the Trancy Manor at the costume party. He was dressed in a pirate costume with a feather on his pirate hat gave to him by Elizabeth. His eye patch which covered the eye with the contract with Sebastian fitted perfecty with the costume. He was looking trough the room. Everyone was costumed even the servants. Paula was costumed in an egyptian girl, and his servants were costumed in THE THREE CHINESEE MONSTERS MUSKETEERS.
"What stupid costumes.."Ciel was thinking, when a blonde girl with a generous bust holding a glass appeard in the room. But when she wanted to get closer to Ciel accidentally (or not) spilled some water on his coat. The girl had some beautiful blue eyes. When he saw them Ciel blushed a little.
"-Come with me!" said the girl and Ciel followed her into a dark room weak lighted by some candles. While she was cleaning his coat Ciel looked at her waiting for the coat but when he saw the coat, it was dirtier.
"-Hei!" said Ciel, but then the girl said some strange things about her soul that Ciel couldn't understand. Suddenly the girl began to lick his ear. He was surprised but the girl started to kiss him passionally on the lips. He was embarassed. But he did like it. A lot. So he kissed her back surrounding her with his arms. She touched his butt. Ciel couldn't retain him anymore and touched her breast.He never felt this way, but this felt good. He moaned a little. After more minutes of kissing passionaly he was made by her to sit down on the bed. She knelt behind him and started to kiss his neck. Suddenly she walked her hand from his waist to his neck. In the weak light he saw something silver shining. It was a dagger. While taking his eye patch off she whispered with a manly voice:
"-I will kill you, Ciel" and from that Ciel knew that the pretty blonde haired girl with blue eyes was a boy. He was Alois
"-Are you afraid?" Alois said

Alois X Ciel Another Storyby hogwartsgirl09

Fan Art / Fan Fiction / Romance©2013-2014 hogwartsgirl09
A very short fanfiction
characters from Kuroshitsuji Alois, Ciel belong to Yana Toboso
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What? That's it? You left me wanting more.
Loved the story.
hogwartsgirl09 May 7, 2013
Thank you :iconiloveyouplz: I will try to continue but if you want you can give me more ideas your help is welcome
I love Alois and Ciel so i love to help. :)
hogwartsgirl09 May 8, 2013
Cool if you have any ideas you can send them to me :iconimhappyplz: or publish them by yourself I'd want to read them
Yes i do have ideas :iconaloisraepfaceplz:*raep face*
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